SBI Life Insurance Gaurav Jeevan Plan

SBI Life Insurance introduces “SBI Life – Gaurav Jeevan” for Central Government / State Governments/ Government Enterprises and their agencies who wish to purchase their annuity liability (existing or emerging or both) in respect of the annuity payments for compensation to the land owners whose lands are being acquired.

This product will enable you to transfer your annuity liability; which in turn is taken care by our in-house investment expertise and an investment approach best suited to the nature of the liability. This protects you from deficits due to adverse changes in demographic or economic scenario in the future.



Key Features:



Flexible annuity term
Flexible options with Income Protection on Death
Attractive annuity rates
Simple Joining process


Product Snapshot:


Age at Entry:
Min : 18 years / Max : 85 years as on last birthday
Group Size:
Min : 50 members
Max: No Limit
Annuity Term :
5 years to 35 years
Modes for Annuity Payments:
You will have an option to choose Yearly, Half-yearly, Quarterly and Monthly modes for payment of annuity benefit.
Annuity amount:
Min Amount:  Rs. 100
Max Amount: No Limit


What are the annuity options available?



You can select one of the below mentioned two options:
Level temporary annuity with income protection on death
Increasing temporary annuity with income protection on death
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